Being one of the AI companies, Star Link sees the incredible potential of this technology for various business sectors.

We use machine learning(ML), object character recognition (OCR),natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, deep learning computer vision (object detection, image segmentation. etc..) augmented analytics to empower businesses with modern technologies solutions.

We develop AI solutions to make companies competitive in the ever-changing market. We have completed more then 500+ projects so far developing AI solutions for retail, manufacturing, financial sector, pharma & healthcare, public sector, transport & logistics, oil & gas, media & entertainment. Today almost every industry can benefit from the implementation of AI as AI software means less human errors, more efficiency and continuous progress. For instance AI in EHS allows reducing the number of accidents and injuries among  workers while AI in pharma is the ultimate way to improve the quality of medical image analysis.


Star Link has AI Solutions in these Industries

1: Financial Services

Financial services are an integral part of any business. Therefore, business owner need to keep abreast of all fintech development innovation; digital banking. blockchain in finance, AI in banking sector.

2:Retail & eCommerce

Retail, like no other industry, need technologies that would enable online tracking of the entire process. After all the competition is incredibly high.

3:Healthcare & Pharmaceutics

Modern technologies, such as telemedicine software, AI in healthcare, voice recognition technology etc. have the power to make Healthcare & Pharmaceutics sector not only more efficient and high- quality, but also affordable for more people.


Discover how we help manufacturing companies reach new heights using AI in manufacturing digital twin technology, remote assistance and other latest technologies.

5:Transportation & Logistics

Star link will help transform transportation & Logistics systems, supply chain management with the help of the internet of the Things and other top-notch technologies.


Modern companies in the telco industry involve the use of tools and strategies the use of which is made possible thanks to AI and machine learning. With these technologies, it is already impossible to imagine a telecommunication company.